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A gang of bored friends find themselves locked in a haunted house crammed full of ghosts, exploring the hidden rooms and its dreaded contents for a means of escape.

Upon doing so, they discover that the ghosts are made of candy! Will they eat through the horde to save each other from possession? Or will the foul, mesmerising Boss ghost trap them with her forever and ever?!

Mary Anne Loves birds & old books, secretly wants to be a sailor.
Tomoko Into the occult, writes her own poetry when no one's watching.
Sierra Loves baking, probably the nicest person you'll ever meet.
Ritt Trendsetter, introvert, has a huge collection of hairspray.
Henry Big on method acting, student of all literature.
Lily Crushes on Alice Cooper, teaches tap dancing on weekends.
Seth Has bought all the vinyl records in music stores within 3 mile radius.
Tane Known to sidewalk surf, quoting popular science at the same time.
Onna * First Boss ghost we found. Like a tardis but scarier.
*Psst... there's a long list of boss ghosts waiting to be invoked for play.

There's no set way to play Candy Ghosts; rooms can rotate, exits disappear, boss ghosts may not even make an appearance or they might come in pairs.

With randomised room tiles, you'll never play the same game twice.

However, one thing does remain true -

You eat what you kill!

A candy fueled cooperative board game for up to 6 friends. *
*Just add candies!

We're currently playtesting several expansions and add-ons for the standard pack.

These include new scenarios, more items and atmospheres, themed sets, new personas & roles and definitely more boss ghosts!

As well as these being free downloads for you to print at home (or the office), we will also make these available to buy as sets.

No friends to board with? No worries! Candy Ghosts will also be a video game on Steam.

This option will be single player only and you'll be playing the entire cast as a team.

We suggest supplying real candies to eat each time you bust a virtual one.

If you played a game with us at Rezzed, thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed sharing it at the Leftfield Collection with you. Oh and we'll be getting in touch really soon!

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